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We would love to have you register! Punky Moms is a semi-private forum, with additional private forums once you've registered and we get to know you. You will have full access to our forums once you've registered, which you can do here: http://punkymomsforums.com/members.php/cmd/register

If you need a preview to see if this is the place for you, please read through our rules, and then join us!
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Our forum rules are the same as our FaceBook group rules, and are super easy to follow. They boil down to Be Excellent to Each Other. No lie.  

We are a very diverse group of free thinking parents. We are all very good friends and for many of us, our relationships extend beyond the internet. We hope you all will be long-standing members of our community and we are very happy to have you! We pride ourselves on being a place where you will find no competition, judgement, or girl hate. Support Your Local Mama Gang! 

Sign up so you get the first look at Punky news before anyone else, some kicking motherhood in the ass motivation and a lil free gift of a Support Your Local mama Gang colouring page.  

Please be sure to check out our Chapters and see if someone is close by – your new BFFL might be just around the corner, or at least as close as the next city over. 

If you’ve got your own business, add it to our directory! We love supporting other moms – we have a Swap Meet board where you are welcome to share your business. Please don't spam us. We want to know you, not just what you're selling! 


First and foremost, our rules are subject to change. They rarely do, but we’re not perfect. Punky Moms is an ever changing site, and sometimes what worked last year (last decade?) doesn’t work for us today. It is your responsibility to be familiar with them, so please check them over periodically as we won’t be announcing changes. 

• We welcome all parents, step parents, adoptive parents, queer parents, expecting parents, and those TTC. We even have a full-time nanny or two. If you don’t fit into one of these categories, this probably isn’t the place for you. We have a very strict admittance policy so those that cannot be verified will, most likely, not be admitted. We may message you to verify your parental part. 

• By coming into this safe space, you agree to not be a bastard and respect people’s privacy. Taking screenshots of conversations in this group and reposting them elsewhere is a bannable offense, as is talking shit about Punky Moms or a member elsewhere. We don’t tolerate it at all. 

• We do our very best to keep this a safe place for you, but please be aware of the personal information you share here. 

• We have extra super secret private boards for when you've reached 250 posts OR when you've been vouched for.  

• You are permitted only one registration and one identity. 

• Once you are a member, you must post. You have a week to make an introduction post. We suspend and reserve the right to delete accounts of inactive members and we do not permit lurking for security reasons. 

• Please make sure you go to the "Intros and Updates" board FIRST, and introduce yourself so we can all say hi. Tell us a little about yourself, your kids etc. Or just say hello! (Can you tell that introduction is important?) 

• If you use a screenshot from somewhere else (say, your text messages), please make sure other people’s names are blacked out. 

• This group tries to promote women and mothers everywhere and posts that slag off on celebrities or everyday moms will be deleted. There are lots of other places on the internet to do that. 

Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, verbal); Child Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, verbal); Death; Miscarriage; Stillborn; Suicide; Trauma (physical, emotional, birth related, etc); Traumatic CPS Experiences (children being take away). Pictures of blood/injuries (images or links to articles/videos) should be posted USING OUR SPOILER TAG TO HIDE THEM. You will see it on the posting window when you make a new post.  

• We have a zero tolerance policy regarding hatred & bigotry. 

• We also have a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying. Don’t do it. This means no passive aggressive bullying as well. (i.e. no passive aggressive snarkiness). If you have an issue with another member or feel unsafe, please contact a modmin. 

• If you decide this group is not for you or if you decide you need a break, please do not post a goodbye post. We hate swan songs. Go on and do your thing and we wish you luck. 

• We like to have lots of meetups going on. Check them out here http://bit.ly/PMFamEvents. Please do think about creating an event! Please don’t invite non-punkys without asking your local group if they are ok with it. We want you to find your new mama bestie and make all the plans. When planning a Punky Mom meetup, please be sure you are ready to follow through with the event, before you start the topic. The topic starter is the event organizer, and it is their responsibility. Often times, people flake, kids get sick, and we all know shit comes up. This is understandable. That said, sometimes people are planning to drive long distances and in some cases fly out to be there. Be courteous about making and potentially canceling plans.  

• This forum as a whole is NOT for public advertising. We have an entire board, called Swap Meet, just for those types of posts. Spam will be deleted and you will be banned. Do not send unsolicited PMs or emails to our members advertising your wares – this is grounds for dismissal. Please use common sense. You can absolutely respond to a direct product question (ex. – Where can I find the best diaper rash creme ever? My kids ass is on fire!) with a link to your product, your friends product, a recipe you’ve blogged, etc… You cannot post a fresh post of “I make the best fucking diaper rash creme ever, go buy it now!” if it’s not in the Swap Meet board. 

• Every so often we will go through our member list and do a little cleaning. We only will be removing members who have not commented or engaged within the community in over 3 months. If you feel you have been removed in error, please contact a modmin so we can remedy that. 

• Please be warned that when you post pictures, we are not responsible. We do our best to keep this board safe, and we are proud to say it's one of the safest on the web, but we can only do so much. We do have a post count protected photos board, but you must post quite a bit before you can see it so we can get to know you. This is for your protection. 

• Do not post to invite Punky Moms members to other boards for adversarial purposes or to post inflammatory or sensitive information about Punky Moms discussions. Nor are you permitted to use Punky Moms as a common ground to bash members or share sensitive information from other boards. 

• The Punky Moms User Agreement is not up for discussion, debate or challenge. Policies and official Administrator actions are not up for debate, discussion or challenge. If you feel that someone is in violation of our policies, user agreement, or is in any way a threat to the safety of the community, please address your concerns to an Admin immediately. 

• Policies and official Administrator/Moderator actions are not up for debate, discussion or challenge. If you have a comment or question, please address the ModMin via PM. 

• If you feel that someone is in violation of our policies, user agreement or is in any way a threat to the safety of the community, please immediately address your concerns to a ModMin immediately. 

Now please comment you read this novella, pour yourself a cocktail, and have fun posting!!!